In which Pastor Dave and Drew desperately try to make Dan an acolyte of baseball.  They try pointing out that it’s a Calvinist game, that you can be really out of shape to play (even professionally), and that there’s a whole lot of physics and math involved.  Will Dan be drawn in to this Cult of Sport?  Or is he simply too far down the path of Nerdom to ever succumb?

On the way, Dan learns that American football may well be the wimpiest of all pro sports (but has the most money); OSU football fits the definition of a religion; and that getting cities to foot the bill for new stadia and arenas is an economic scam.

He does like baseball’s practice of the walk-in song, so Drew devises our weekly game on that!

It’s our riskiest, lowest sci fi show ever.  Do we strike out or knock this one out of the park?

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