We’re back! Season 2 finally launches after a long hiatus: going underground to escape the Shadow Bishop, Drew and Dan performing with Figrin D’an on his intergalactic concert tour as a covert cover, and rescuing Pastor Dave from the Spa of Innumerable Unpleasures. (Drew and Dan will post recovered audio from their SighOps debriefs as the season goes on.)

In this episode: live play! We begin Season 2 with actual play of The Quiet Year. In Season 1, Pastor Dave lamented the lack of sci fi about Lutherans in space. Now, in a bout of hard-set wish fulfillment, he teaches Drew and Dan how to play The Quiet Year, with this set-up: the ELCA’s first colony ship has just landed on Mars. How can they eek out an existence in the harsh environment of Mars? Did NASA pack casserole dishes in the supply ship? And is there a good spot for a Holy Suspension Bridge?

All this and more await you in this start to Season 2!